1st Project Meeting – Pecs (Hungary) – 15-19 October 2012


Radnóti Miklós Közgazdasági Szakközépiskola Pécs/ Magyarország


  • Croatia

Partner school Katarina Zrinski: Ivona Pavelić, Jelena Beroš
Rudan d.o.o.: Miroslav Matkovic

  • Italy

Partner school Carlo Anti: Claudio Pardini, Lauretta Zoccatelli, Antonella Martini, Patrizia Montagni, Christian Marchesini

  • Hungary

Hosting school Radnóti Miklós: Banó Andrea, Bagoly Erzsébet, Zsbánné Hámory Márta, Gajdócsi Levente, Alexovics Ingrid, Pék Ágnes, Kunné Vecsési Krisztina, Zsilák Etelka, Rigó Adrienn, Schmalczné Marék Györgyi
BSH Gloves: Zsbán Gyula, Steiner György


The occurrence of the knowledge used during the modeling of business cycles in each school’s subject structures


Day 1: Oct. 15, 2012. Monday -

Arrival, occupy the accommodation

Day 2: Oct. 16, 2012. Tuesday -

930: Arrival at school
1000: Opening of the conference
1100: Inauguration of room 21
1030-1230: Workshops
1230-1330: Lunch
1330-1515: Workshop
1530: Opening of the School History Exhibition
1600: Free program
1730: Dinner, Place Winecellar Visit

Day 3: Oct. 17, 2012. Wednesday -

800: Meeting at the hotel and depart to the site of BSH Gloves
1100-1230: Visit to the Municipial of City of Pécs
1230-1330: Lunch
1400-1600: Presentation of trade week and fair. Prepare information event, administrative closing
1615: Coffee for directors
1700: Party for the guests

Day 4: Oct. 18, 2012. Thursday -

800: Depart from school
1100-1200: Excursion to Nagynyárád (visit to a blue paint workshop), to Bóly (gingerbread and tallow-chandler/candle making workshop)
1245-1345: Lunch
1400: Information event
1500-1800: Guided tour in downtown
1830: Dinner

Day 5: Oct. 19, 2012. Friday -

800: Depart from school
830-1200: Guided tour in Zsolnay Quarter (Porcelain manufacture)
1200-1300: Lunch
1310-1400: Review of the meeting, closing, administration, closing of the program
after 1500: departure

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