3rd Project Meeting – Villafranca di Verona (Italy) – 14-17 May 2013


IS Carlo Anti – Villafranca di Verona (Italy)


  • Croatia

Partner school Katarina Zrinski: Vlasta Ferenac, Marina Nikolić, Zvjezdana Posavec
Rudan d.o.o.: Miroslav Matković, Andrea Klanjac

  • Italy

Hosting school Carlo Anti: Claudio Pardini, Lauretta Zoccatelli, Antonella Martini, Patrizia Montagni, Christian Marchesini

  • Hungary

Partner school Radnóti Miklós: Andrea Banó, Márta Zsbánné Hámory, Levente Gajdócsi, Kata Kiss
BSH Gloves: Gyula Zsbán, György Steiner, Zsolt Steiner


The Role of Partners Companies in the Education Business Processes.


Day 1: May 14, 2013. Tuesday -

900: Arrival at IS C. Anti School
930: All School partners intervention about “Sharing of good practices of Business Education and difficulties in exchanging them from different school systems” and discussion
1030: Coffee break
1045: General presentation of the topic of the 3rd meeting “The Role of Partners Companies in the Education Business Processes” and pre-activities
1130: Departure to the town hall for the Press conference
1200: Press conference
1230: Lunch
1400: Cultural Visit: Garda lake (Rocca di Garda)
1830: Arrival in Villafranca
1930: Dinner

Day 2: May 15, 2013. Wednesday -

900: Presentation on the theme “The Role of Partners Companies in the Education Business Processes” by all the partner schools and discussion
1030: Coffee break
1040: Role of the Company from their Experience (BSH Gloves and Rudan Companies) and discussion
1300: Lunch
1430: Cultural visit: Verona Romana guided walking tour
1700: Arrival in Villafranca
1930: Dinner

Day 3: May 16, 2013. Thursday -

1000: Arrival at the Fair (near the Castle of Villafranca) and organizational aspects of the Italian fair through the visit of the location
1230: Lunch
1430: BUSINESS GAME – Partners will witness a competition between teams of students from schools in the Network Project MEET-BG (Leonardo TOI). It is a simulation game aimed at identifying and using strategies to preserve and improve the income of the company and the market share
1700: Cultural visit: Nicolis Museum – Villafranca (1,5h of guided tour)
1930: Dinner

Day 4: May 17, 2013. Friday -

900: Arrival at the Auditorium near the Castle of Villafranca. Workshop about good practice to share and difficulties to adapt them to the different national systems and discussion
1030: Coffee break
1100: Conference “Training firms – Research and Innovation”
1300: Buffet
1400: Evaluation and review of the meeting – Delivery of Certificates
1830: Return to the hotel
1930: Dinner

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