1st Project Meeting – Pecs (Hungary) – 15-19 October 2012

Topic of 1st meeting: The occurrence of the knowledge used during the modeling of business cycles in each school’s subject structures

2nd Project Meeting – Zagreb (Croatia) – 21-23 February 2013

Topic of 2nd meeting: The Practice of Business Education of the Partner Schools

3rd Project Meeting – Villafranca di Verona (Italy) – 14-17 May 2013

Topic of 3rd meeting: The rule of Partners Companies in the Education Business Processes

4th Project Meeting – Villafranca di Verona (Italy) – 25-27 September 2013

Topic of 4th meeting: Alternatives for vocational foreign language teaching in vocational training

5th Project Meeting – Zagreb (Croatia) – 12-15 November 2013

Topic of 5th meeting: Mesaurement, methods of the evaluation in the practice of Simulated Firms

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