The Project

Motivation for this project

The main aim of our project is learning from one another.
Besides that, schools during the project may strengthen the existing partnerships, creating an opportunity to learn and adopt the good practices in each other’s institution.

Thematic areas

The main thematic areas of our partnership are:

  • Integration of skills needs of the labour market into VET
  • Development of common training contents or concepts
  • Economics, business, industry and commerce

Key competences

The Key competences addressed by our project are:

  • Communication in foreign languages
  • Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
  • Cultural awareness and expression


Coordinator: coordination of the project, managing the financial settlements, organizing meetings, creating a separate page on the website for the distribution of the results and its maintenance, updating, the review of the meetings organized and preparation of the minutes, the management of the summary review of the full project and preparing the minutes of it, providing the flow of information between partners and the multilateral communication during the project, complete the BIS-study which is final product of the project.

Partner Firm: help to review the current processes of each partner institution’s training firms, and their applied business and corporate management methods; they present the events of the company, activities,  data and information media, departments and resources.

Each partners’s : Organize discussions and symposiums, by using audiovisual and electronic media during the term of the project; prepare and load documents, prepare proper documentation of the activities constantly, during the term of the project.

Hosting institutions during travels: organize the meeting of the given topic; organize a roundtable discussion to discuss strategies, ideas and implementation of the project plans; prepare a summary of the meeting in English.

Participants’ involvement

The execution of the project presupposes the active participation of numerous colleagues working on the following fields: teachers of economics, participating at the basic professional training and the work of the training companies; teachers of professional foreign language training, administrator of the IT system and an IT-specialist, who create and maintain the webpage, and colleagues responsible for financial issues.

Partner companies offer the possibility for the student to have in real time an experience by potentially meeting real customers and partners and to have an insight about their future work environment. Also they help them during the transition from school to work.

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